Stories of Hope


When I was 24 I became homeless….I felt I was being rejected from my family and I left. I have anti-social phobias and I started sleeping in...read more


I’m a single mom of a 2 year old boy and I’m originally from Philidelphia. My baby’s father left before he was born but then he filed custody...read more


I was in a bad moped accident that left me unable to return to my job at Home Depot. I was bed ridden for nearly a year, and I became homeless once...read more


I came here from Seattle. I couldn’t find anywhere so I was camping on the beach by myself. I didn’t feel safe and I heard about HOPE through a...read more


I’ve lived in Hawi in Kohala for last 30 years. I have children and grandchildren and although I’m disabled,  I used to have a place to stay and...read more


“I’m from Maui. I have a son who turned out just like me…angry, frustrated, suicidal. One night he came home drunk. He started yelling at me,...read more


I’m from the mainland but at the age of 8 I got adopted and brought to Hawaii from California and so my family is from Kohala side.  I’ve been...read more


I had never experienced homelessness in my life. I grew up in a middle class family. When I moved to Maui from the mainland, my husband and I both...read more


I was homeless last year…but HOPE helped us get into Kihei Pua. Five children and my husband.  We were there for five months and while we were...read more


I’ve been homeless. It was miserable being out in the rain, not food, no shelter. I made some bad choices, I didn’t obey housing rules, I guess...read more

Joan & John

Joan and John were first encountered at Suisan Boat Harbor, on Oct 22, 2009,  in their car… they were homeless, and needed help.  “It was...read more


Anashe Brooks’s survived a complex and traumatic childhood growing up in Maui. “My father had 10 wives… and I had 24 brothers and sisters. He...read more


Valerie is small, pretty, and confident as she poses for photos, and speaks in front of a gathering at Ponahawaiola, a residential program for men...read more


Gilmore had a job and an apartment…he always felt good about working hard. He was a small engine mechanic with a job in a Hilo shop, but on...read more